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Antigua, located in the heart of the Caribbean at 17,8° N, 61,4° W, is well known for its spectacular 365 beaches and breathtaking sceneries.

The island has great year-round weather with temperatures ranging from 24-32° C. Over the years, the island has become a culturally diverse melting pot with people from all walks of life. English is the spoken language.

There is a good mix of Europeans sprinkled in the midst of nationals from neighbouring islands.

The island has become an important hub in the Eastern caribbean with increased flights from all across North America and Europe. The life-style is easy going and

Over the past years the island has seen many developments which offer all the modern facilities and amenities.

Musik Production



About Us:
Our company produces feature films, short films, music videos, promotional DVD's, aerial shoots documentaries and underwater footage. We incorporate a fresh and innovative approach and will work with our clients to deliver their film production needs. We have had film productions in Canada, Europe, USA, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. Wadadli Film Studios partners with industry professionals worldwide who are capable of supporting any scale of production.

A key element of our business is our partnership with a full scale music production outfit which will provide the highest quality original music compositions.

We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have built up with key persons in government and commerce; these relationships have been critical in smoothing the way in accomplishing important tasks in a timely manner. As a result, we have broken down many barriers and feel we can get just about anything done.


Sollers Point   Feature Film - Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
Throuple   Feature Film - Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (Hawaii)
Wear   Short - Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
I Am Selma   Short - Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
We've Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew   Feature Film - Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
Wendy (Benh Zeitlin)   Feel Reel - Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (Antigua)
Wendy (Benh Zeitlin)   Casting (Caribbean)
Wendy (Benh Zeitlin)   Pre Production (Antigua & Barbuda)
The Empyrean (Amiel Courtin-Wilson)   Feature Film - Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
Memories of the Blue   Short Film/Drama
Reggae on Broadway   Trailer
Redemption of Paradise   Feature Film/Action
Fire   Movie trailer
Fire   The making of
Ugly   Short Film
Wanderer   Short Drama (New York)
Dragons Den   CBC Toronto - Reality Show (St Maarten)
Some kind of Love   Short Film/Drama (Mexico)
The Null Set   Short Film (Andrew Sensing) /Drama (New York)
Courtesy Flush   Feature Film (Hawaii)
Half Way Home   Short Film/Drama (New York)


Waiting Here (Jake Isaac)   Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
No Ordinary Man (Salt Cathedral)   Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
Holy Soul (Salt Cathedral)   Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
Coke White Starlight (Mykki Blanco)   Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (Greece)
Rio   Duran Duran
Coffee Queen   Claudette Peters
I finally found   DJ Shog (Sony)
A million pieces   Narani (Serbia)
The Pearl   Marla Maples (Trump)
Sometimes I   Jus Bus / Logiq
Too many Cooks   Tanya Lacey
Juggernaut   Ain't no Love (Canada)


Lighthouse Bay Hotel   Barbuda
The Inn   Antigua
Sugar Ridge Hotel   Antigua
Moon Shadow   Antigua


Miu Miu   Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
Flowts   Shabier Kirchner Producer/Director (Antigua)
Net Jets   Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
SEYTU EL ESPEJO   Cosmetica Cinematography (Mexico)
H&M   Fashion Shoot (Antigua)
Carnival Cruise Line   Promotional Shoot (Antigua)
Perns Point   Promotion (Antigua)
Robert DeNiro   Promotional Shoot (Antigua & Barbuda)
Miller High Life   Promotional Shoot - Shabier Kirchner Cinematographer (USA)
VOX TV Germany   TV Show Shoot (Antigua)
Johnnie Walker   (Drink Resposible)
Deichman Shoes   Cindy Crawford (The making of)
Bank of St. Vincent   St. Vincent
APUA   Antigua
Caribbean Union Bank   Antigua
Bank of St. Lucia   St. Lucia
The Beach is just the Beginning   A & B Tourism Authority
Zip Line   Antigua Rainforest
Tian Winter   Lime (Antigua)


We did nothing I   Kite Video (Kitescoop.com)
We did nothing II   Kite Video
Island Time   Kite Video
Cruise Control   Kite Video (Cabrinha)
DR Mix   Kite Video (Cabrinha)
Maui   Kite Video (Cabrinha)
Scuba Antigua   Scuba Diving Video


Vanishing Sail   Trailer
Dark Girls II   Bill Duke / Channsin Berry
A wide range of accommodations are available from the ultra luxurious to the smaller, more intimate boutique style hotels. Hotel rates fluctuate throughout the year with best rates available from May through November. Through our partnership with the government of Antigua and Barbuda group rates can be negotiated on your behalf depending on your budget and size of crew.

Ground transportation requirements will be supported by the government thus significantly reducing the cost. Wadadli Film Studios will negotiate group rates with our regional air carrier LIAT. Boats and private yachts are also readily available.

There are many professional catering companies available to provide for your specific needs.

Wadadli Film Studios will arrange to have all your equipment cleared through customs wit minimum hassle to you. Some countries do require visas. For more information, please visit the government website. www.antigua-barbuda.org

Wadadli Film Studios also would be able to assist your Film Production with the following Professional Crew:

Line Producer
Production Manager
Assistant Director
Director of Photography
Assistant D.P.
Location Manager
Production Coordinator
Casting Manager
Casting Coordinator
Stunt Crew
Aerial Camera
Underwater Camera
Financial Controller
Art Director
Set Photographer
Post Production (Final Cut)
Property Master
Wardrobe Designer
Sound Mixer
Set Wardrobe
Boom Operator
Make-up Artist
Key Grip
Dolly Grip
Grip Assistant
Steadicam Operator
Crane Operator
Casting Director
Casting Coordinator
Set Dresser
Asst. Set Dresser
Set Assistant
Misc. Labour
Construction Manager
Sign Painter
Art Dept. Runner
Set Nurse
Set Security


Cameras:   Prices in $US
1 x Canon 5D MK2   $200 / day
1 x Red Rock Cage System ( Shoulder Mount , Matte Box , Follow Focus , Marshall LCD )   $200 / day
2 x GoPro 2 + 3 Black Edition   $50 / day
1 x Zeiss 20 mm , 50 mm , 80 mm , 100 mm Lens Set   $200 / day
1x Polarization Filter Set   $50 / day
1 x Red Scarlet Camera Set + Red Lens Set   $1200 / day

Tripod:   Prices in $US
Manfrotto 509 HD   $100 / day
Manfrotto 3066   $80 / day
Manfrotto Hi Hat   $40 / day
Manfrotto Magic Arm   $20 / day
Kessler Camera Crane ( 12’ ) with Rear Control Center   $150 / day
Motorized Head , Camera Turret PT – 20   $80 / day

Dolly:   Prices in $US
Spider Dolly with Seat   $60 / day
Large Pneumatic Wheel Doorway Dolly   $40 / day
30’ Dolly Tracks   $40 / day
Kessler Cine Slider ( 5’ ) with All Terrain Outrigger Feet   $120 / day

Camera Stabilizing System:   Prices in $US
1 x Steady Cam System   $400 / day
1 x Camera Mount System ( Helicopter , Cars , Boats ) Aerial Exposures LSG- 2   $900 / day
1 x Remote Controlled Quadcopter - Pro Heli XP2   $400 / day

Film Lights:   Prices in $US
2 x LED Light Panel Kit ( also Battery Power ) 750 W   $120 / day
1 x Arri Light Kit ( 350 W, 500 W , 750 W , 1K )   $250 / day
4 x Flourescent Day Flo 5 Head Pro Studio Kit , 5500 W   $60 / day
3 x Day Flow Soft Box Kit 7000 W   $60 / day
2 x Mole Richardson Lights 2K   $150 / day
1 x Pro Flag Kit   $50 / day

Underwater Housing:   Prices in $US
1 x Gates Housing with Canon XL – H1    
1 x Super Wide Port SWP 44   $600 / day
1 x High Resolution Monitor EM 43    
1 x Underwater Light System , Nite Rider HID Pro 40    
1 x Pressure Testing Kit    

Miscellaneous:   Prices in $US
1 x 7.5 KW Portable Generator   $300 / day
6 x Walki Talki   $15 / day each
1 x Pick Up Vehicle   $80 / day
Several Production Tents ( 10’ x 10’ , 20’ x 20’ , 30’ x 30’ )    
1 x 36’ Sea Ray Yacht    

(Weekly Prices: Negotiable)

(Please check for continued expansion of Equipment)
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Wadadli Film Studios
PO Box W1822
Cobbs Cross
Falmouth Harbour
Antigua & Barbuda, West Indies
email: info@antiguafilm.com

Bert Kirchner: Producer
tel: 268 464 6044 / 268 464 0795
email: bert@antiguafilm.com

Shab Kirchner: Film Maker
tel: 1 347 463 6675 / 1 268 728 5737
email: islandrobot@gmail.com

Torsten Stenzel: Music Composer
tel: 1 268 720 5452
email: torsten@offshore-music.co.uk